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  1. Your Recovery Is Our Goal

    $1.1 Million

    Teenager received $1.1 million verdict for broken leg and hip. He was a passenger in a car that hit a parked car.

Personal Injury Attorney

People in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita and throughout Southern California turn to the C. Ray Carlson Law Office for personal injury representation.


Personal Injury Trial Attorneys

Committed to Maximum Compensation

Your Recovery Is Our Goal

Protecting the value of a personal injury claim is no easy matter. Insurance companies will do everything they can to chip away at a claim, gradually reducing the amount of compensation that will end up in the hands of the victim. When insurance companies get their way, victims of serious accidents end up with little or no compensation to cover medical bills and other costs.

At the Law Offices of C. Ray Carlson, our attorneys refuse to let insurance companies get their way. We are committed to getting maximum compensation for accident victims in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California. We will protect the value of your claim.

Since 1980, our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for personal injury victims. Our record of results includes a head injury case in which we recovered more than $3 million for the victim of a truck accident.

Making The Most Of Your Right To Compensation

At C. Ray Carlson Law Office, in Valencia, we understand how important each person's case is. People come to us in need and this is our opportunity to help. Because this is our one chance to help someone get back on their feet, we put all of our experience and resources to work building the strongest possible case. Our goal is to help secure all of the financial resources you will need to help you through your recovery.

Client Focused, Results Oriented

It is our belief that people deserve legal representation that understands what they are going through, what they need and how to get the help they need. From being able to put our clients in touch with excellent doctors to being as supportive, honest and responsive as we can be with them, we are here to support our clients from start to finish. We will get to know you and your situation and develop a strategy that is tailored to your specific circumstances. That client-centered approach coupled is just one of the factors that has helped us obtain multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Our focus on providing exceptional service to our clients includes offering services in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Tagalog.

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