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  • The 3 Leading Causes of Construction Accidents—and How to Prevent Them

    • Date: 18 Feb 2020

    In any situation where you mix individuals with large dangerous materials, power tools, massive machinery, and heights, you are sure to get a multitude of accidents and fatalities. Given the presence of all these elements in construction, construction workers are particularly prone to accidents. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), roughly […]

  • 5 Automotive Product Defects Injuries Statistics You Should Definitely Know

    • Date: 29 Oct 2019

    No one wants to hear that a seemingly perfect automotive product they purchased is the reason for their or a loved one’s injuries. However, in some cases, this is exactly the case, whether because the items were not reviewed properly or because they were rushed into the market. Fortunately, by knowing some of the main […]

  • How a Product Liability Attorney Can Help With Defective Product Accidents

    • Date: 28 Mar 2019

    A defective product is something that has a flaw in its design or in the way it was manufactured. A product liability claim argues that an individual was not made aware of potential risks or safety precautions to use when using this product. When it comes to defective product accidents, finding an experienced product liability attorney to […]

  • How Our Legal Team Can Help You Get Compensation for Automotive Product Defects Injuries

    • Date: 21 Mar 2019

    Defective automotive parts can cause accidents and serious injuries. Our California attorneys have experience with defective automobile lawsuits and have represented many individuals who have experienced automotive product defects injuries. At The Law Office of C. Ray Carlson, we have handled cases involving defective tires, airbags, brakes and seat belts, as well as cases involving burns, […]

  • Hire Our Team of Dangerous Drugs Lawyers Today

    • Date: 24 Jan 2019

    If you’ve been affected by taking dangerous drugs, a dangerous drug lawyer can help you bring a lawsuit forth against negligent pharmaceutical companies. All medications should be tested thoroughly, and all users given proper warning about potential side effects and risks. When a drug or medication does more harm than good, the Food and Drug […]

  • Let a Product Liability Attorney Assist You

    • Date: 20 Sep 2018

    It is common to put trust in different manufacturers and their products. Unfortunately, too often, this trust is broken. Specifically, defective products are put on shelves and made available to consumers leading to harm, injury, and in the worst of examples, death. Even more devastating, many product liability cases can be prevented. Specifically, product liability […]

  • Why Hiring a Product Liability Attorney Is Vital to the Success of Your Case

    • Date: 13 Sep 2018

    A defective product is one that is defective in the way that it was manufactured or how it was designed. In addition to the negligence of the design, a product liability claim may fail to warn consumers of the potential harm or consequences or even have a breach of warranty. When it comes to defective […]

  • Get Compensated for Your Automotive Product Defects Injuries

    • Date: 7 Jun 2018

    With the help of a product defects attorney in Southern California, you can expect results. He has the extensive experience needed in order to successfully litigate defective automobile lawsuits. He has represented individuals of both automotive design and manufacturing accidents as a result of defective seat belts, airbags, tires, or even brakes. He has also handled cases […]