Category: Dog Bites

  • Do You Really Need a Dog Bite Accident Attorney?

    • Date: 17 Mar 2020

    In the state of California, we love our dogs. In fact, nearly 40% of California households own at least one dog and are convinced it’s good for their health. They also often consider these pets to be part of the family. So, what happens when these loving pets suddenly attack? In some cases, dog bite […]

  • Speak to a Dog Bite Accident Attorney in Valencia, California for Legal Help

    • Date: 31 Jan 2019

    Have you or someone you know been a victim of a dog bite accident in California? Dog bite accidents can lead to serious injuries. It’s important to know that the dog owner can be held responsible for your injuries, regardless of whether the dog has bitten someone before. A Santa Clarita dog bite accident attorney from The […]

  • How a Premises Liability Attorney Can Help You

    • Date: 6 Sep 2018

    If you’ve been a victim of a crime on someone’s property, a dog bite, or a slip and fall; you may be eligible for a premises liability lawsuit. This area of personal injury law involves situations where you go somewhere, such as a property where someone else, such as the owner, is responsible for your […]