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What to Do After a Nursing Home Injury Has Occurred

As children, we often dream of the day that we become adults and own our own homes and have our own children. However, as you continue to age, you begin to realize that some freedom is lost as you grow old and depend on others to take proper care of you.

A typical 100-bed nursing home reports at least 100 to 200 falls per year. It is in these moments that we realize how fragile life truly is and how dangerous it can be to withstand any injury as a senior citizen. If you or a loved one has experienced a nursing home injury in the Canyon Country area, it is crucial to know how to properly handle the situation to get back to normal life with ease. Below are the steps necessary to streamline the process and move forward in no time.

Assess and Document the Injuries Sustained

The minute the injury occurs, you will want to document the injuries and damage sustained, as well as assess who was to blame and why. Be sure to take photos of the injuries, as well as the place where the incident occurred, to have proof of how and why the accident happened. This will help you form a great case start for your nursing home injuries attorney to work with.

Keep Track of the Associated Medical Bills

The next step you will want to take is to keep track of every single medical bill associated with the incident. This includes any bills for immediate care, as well as recurring future care. For instance, if the incident led to you needing a walker or being bedridden from then on, these additional charges should be documented to create a compensation case that best works for you.

Hire a Nursing Home Injuries Attorney to Do the Rest

After you have compiled the documentation of the incident, including the associated medical bills, the final step is to hire a nursing home injuries attorney that is willing to take this information and create a case around it for you.

So, if you or a loved one are in need of a professional nursing home injuries attorney in Valencia, Santa Clarita, or Canyon Country, call the Law Office of C. Ray Carlson and see exactly how we can make a difference in your case in no time!