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Top 6 Wrongful Death Statistics You Should Know

  • Date: 4 Aug 2020

In every wrongful death case, there is always an un-measurable level of loss and heartbreak. However, by looking at the aspect of a wrongful death case that can be measured, we can get a better grasp on how and why these accidents happen, so as to prevent more from unnecessarily occurring in the future.

Below are six of the most powerful wrongful death statistics to take into account, whether you have experienced a wrongful death case or not. Hopefully, these will shed a bit of light on these tragic events and how to prevent them.

1. The CDC reports that there were 45,343 motor vehicle fatalities in 2005 – the leading cause of death in unintentional accidents.

With motor vehicle fatalities accounting for a large portion of unintentional accidents in America, it’s no wonder why this is also the leading wrongful death case type.

In California, a wrongful death related to a motor vehicle accident can lead to roughly $500,000 in compensation for the living family members. This is why working with a wrongful death attorney is crucial.

2. 98,000 Americans die each year due to preventable medical errors (including 7,000 deaths caused by medication errors).

According to Forbes, “In 2012, over $3 billion was spent in medical malpractice payouts, averaging one payout every 43 minutes.” These numbers, along with the ones above, illustrate medical malpractice wrongful death cases are so prevalent and disturbing.

Given such, it is critical that medical malpractice is addressed as seriously as it should be each and every time to prevent careless medical workers from repeating their mistakes on others.

3. Of all deaths associated with falls, 60% involve people aged 75 years or older.

When it comes to wrongful deaths in America, and California specifically, it is relatively understandable that the most fatalities related to slip and falls occur in elderly individuals. After all, any form of surgery or injury inflicted on an aging individual can quickly become a dangerous situation.

As such, it is important to take into account who is taking care of your elderly family members, and whether or not your loved one self-sufficient. These considerations could lead to the safety and well-being of your family member, rather than yet another regretful wrongful death situation.

4. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that, in 2006, there were 5,840 fatalities resulting from workplace accidents.

Although many individuals attribute most accidents to the household, workplace accidents are just as prevalent in California. From construction workers to office workers, the workspace can be a dangerous place, where a wrongful death case could occur in the blink of an eye. This is why safety protocol is so important. If this protocol is not in place at your place of work, it may be time to bring this up to your management, as it may just save a life one day.

5. 169,936 unintentional deaths occurred in 2017 in America.

This number may not seem like much considering how many Americans there are. However, if you consider the fact that there are only 16 shark attacks, on average, each year and only two shark-related fatalities per year, you would need to multiply the yearly shark attacks by over 10,000 in order to have it equate. Despite this, more people are afraid of being attacked by a shark than they are of slipping and dying on the job or getting in a fatal car accident.

6. The 4th leading cause of death in America in 2014 was accidental injury.

Think about how many different ways there are to die out there, from cancer to old age. Then, think about the fact that the 4th leading cause of death in America is accidental injury. This is pretty shocking considering that this form of death is rarely a focus on people’s fears or worries. As such, it is important to take these statistics into account to never forget how serious a wrongful death can be.

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