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Top 3 Most Common Accidents—and How to Deal with Them

There’s nothing more terrifying than being in an accident or finding out that a loved one has been in an accident. Accidents happen every day, which is why it’s important to know what the most common accidents are and how to handle them if you or a loved one are ever subject to one. This way, you can be prepared for the worst as we at the Law Offices of C. Ray Carlson wish you the best.

1. Vehicular Accidents

One of the worst yet most common accidents across the world are vehicular accidents, which can range from truck and car accidents to pedestrian and motorcycle accidents.

According to Statista, “In 2018, the state of California reported around 3,651 motor-vehicle deaths, a slight increase from the year before. The majority of deaths from motor vehicles in California involve passenger cars, with light trucks and then motorcycles accounting for a smaller portion of such deaths.”

When dealing with a vehicular accident, you will first want to assess the injuries and damage sustained on both sides. Then, you will want to document it and hire a vehicular accident attorney to take care of the case. If enough damage or injuries are sustained, you may be entitled to compensation for the accident.

2. Slip and Fall Accidents

The second most common accident type in California is slip and fall accidents, which, on average, account for 17,000 yearly deaths in America. In California, your damages and your fault level are assessed to determine the amount of compensation you receive, which is the percentage of damages that is not your fault. This is why the first thing you should do in the case of a slip and fall accident is work with an attorney who can craft the best possible case in California.

3. Home Accidents

In California, the third most common accident type involves home accidents. In fact, according to A Secure Life, “more than 18,000 Americans die every year from injuries that take place in the home…[and] unintentional injuries, no matter the magnitude, are never fun, sadly resulting in an average of 21 million medical visits each year – that adds up to be about $220 billion in medical costs.”

With so many home-related injuries and fatalities occurring every year, it’s important that you are prepared and have an attorney by your side who can build your case following the accident you have sustained. If the accident relates to faulty products, you may have a great product liability case on your hands.

In the end, if you are looking for accident representation in Valencia, Santa Clarita, or Canyon Country, don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of C. Ray Carlson for a free consultation!