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Defective Automotive Parts Can Cause Serious Accidents

Our team of Santa Clarita automotive defect attorneys has extensive experience with defective automobile and auto parts lawsuits. We have represented victims of automotive manufacturing and design defects for many years, advocating on behalf of victims of defective brakes, tires, seatbelts, and even airbags. We have also handled cases involving vehicle rollovers, car fires, and unintended vehicle acceleration.

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When people have been seriously injured in accidents or as a result of others’ negligence, they need two things from their attorneys—they deserve to be treated with respect and they deserve real results. Our firm has been delivering both to our clients since 1980.

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Given the experience and knowledge we have amongst the attorneys at our firm, we utilize a team approach. Each client benefits from the expertise of several attorneys, not just the one assigned to their case.

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    How Automotive Defects Happen Such as Defective Tires

    Defects in a car’s design and/or manufacturing can have dangerous consequences. These defects can be the result of a lack of research, improper product testing, or failure to warn consumers of the risks of potentially hazardous vehicles and/or vehicle parts. Determining liability and damages for injuries sustained by victims of automotive product defects will depend on the many factors already mentioned. A professional attorney can fully investigate said defects and represent and advocate for clients with injuries because of these defects.

    Understanding Recalls & Liability with Automotive Product Defects in California

    t’s important that automobile manufacturers and retailers abide by safety and recall standards to protect consumers. They are legally responsible for the vehicles they make and also must be held liable for defect-related accidents and injuries when they occur.

    Different types of automotive defects and how they occur include:

    • Design defects, which occur when an engineering flaw leads to dangerous conditions
    • Manufacturing defects, which occur when a component of the car has design flaws
    • Inadequate warnings, which can happen despite the proper design or manufacture
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    How We Prove an Automobile Is Defective or a Lemon

    A product is defective if it contains unsafe parts or is defective in design or manufacturing, or if it lacked proper warnings for consumers. The defect must have existed at the time the automobile left the hands of a manufacturer or retailer. Additionally, we must prove that the defect itself caused the injury involved in your lawsuit.

    For instance, tires may cause a vehicle to roll over and seatbelts may fail to protect an individual from being ejected from the car. Airbags may also malfunction. Defective infant seats and booster seats can lead to automotive product defects injuries, too.

    How to Win a Product Defect Case in California

    Make sure to preserve any evidence, such as the automobile or the particular automotive part. This may be inspected as an exhibit in your trial. Take as many pictures as possible, too. Next, contact a professional attorney that can protect your rights and present your case.

    Our Santa Clarita automotive defect attorneys have years of experience working with the complicated nature of cases like this. We can represent you the way you deserve to be represented.