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How to Get Compensated for Nursing Home Injuries in California

  • Date: 21 Feb 2019

Have you or a loved one been injured while living at a nursing home in California? Do you suspect that a nursing home employee or a caregiver abused an elderly loved one? If you do, then you have the right to seek compensation for their medical bills and any costs associated with this abuse. Our Santa Clarita legal team has years of experience helping those seeking compensation forĀ nursing home injuries. We work hard to get your loved one the compensation that they deserve for their mistreatment or abuse.

Standards of Care

Standards of care include the expectations that should be upheld by a nursing home staff or by in-home caregivers. When we take on these types of nursing home injury cases, we investigate them closely and determine whether or not these standards of care have been followed closely. Oftentimes, they have not and the party is held liable for these nursing home injuries.

Some of the most common nursing home claims involve:

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Bedsores
  • Falls

After close investigation, we can determine the amount of compensation deserved. We have experience fighting for victims of nursing home injuries in and around Santa Clarita, and understand all laws pertaining to nursing homes in California. We also have the skills and resources required to effectively represent victims.

Hire a Professional Attorney for Nursing Home Injuries Lawsuits

Our goal at The Law Office of C. Ray Carlson is to help you when you need our legal expertise the most. We can use our years of trial experience to make nursing home owners accountable for any damages or harm. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss nursing home injuries with a personal injury attorney, call 661.294.0044 today.