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How Our Legal Team Can Help You Get Compensation for Automotive Product Defects Injuries

Defective automotive parts can cause accidents and serious injuries. Our California attorneys have experience with defective automobile lawsuits and have represented many individuals who have experienced automotive product defects injuries. At The Law Office of C. Ray Carlson, we have handled cases involving defective tires, airbags, brakes and seat belts, as well as cases involving burns, rollovers and unintended vehicle acceleration.

Defects can occur because of lack of product testing or lack of research. In other cases, vehicles are allowed to enter the market without warning consumers of any risks associated with their use. A professional product defect attorney can investigate defects and advocate for clients that suffered injuries because of them.

Recalls and Liability with Automotive Product Defects Injuries

Automobile manufacturers and retailers are both legally responsible for the vehicles they make and can be held liable for any defect-related accidents and injuries that happen in the state of California. A product is deemed defective if it contains a flawed design, unsafe parts, or if it is manufactured poorly. In order to establish liability, this defect must have existed at the time that the automobile left their hands and it must be the reason the injury occurred.

How a Personal Injury Attorney in California Helps You Win a Product Defect Case

Always make sure to preserve any evidence you have that can prove the defect. This will be important when one of our product liability lawyers is working to make your case as strong as possible. We can protect your rights along the way, speak on your behalf, and represent the way you deserve to be during negotiations or in court. To learn more about what we can do for you and to schedule a free legal consultation, call us today at 661.294.0044.