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How a Valencia Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help You

All property owners have the responsibility to ensure that their property is always safe and maintained. Our California law firm, The Law Office of C. Ray Carlson, has many years of experience representing individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of slip and fall accidents in and around Santa Clarita. A slip and fall injury can lead to serious and even life-altering injuries. Whether due to uneven pavement, construction site defects, unlit stairwells or wet floors, a slip and fall attorney in Valencia can help determine whether you’re owed compensation for the negligence of a property owner.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in California

Some examples of slip and fall accidents in California include bathtub or shower falls, stairway accidents, balcony falls, and falling on ice or snow. A property owner has the obligation to keep their property safe for those that they’ve invited in. If our slip and fall attorney in Valencia can prove that they were negligent in any way and knew about the defective or dangerous condition of their property, then they can be deemed liable for the damages that resulted from their negligence.

Call to Speak to a Professional Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Santa Clarita Today

You have just two years from the date of your injury to file a slip and fall lawsuit. One of our attorneys can help you better understand all laws concerning slip and fall injuries in California, determine negligence, and investigate if previous complaints have been filed about the hazard that caused your injuries.

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