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How a Bus Accident Lawyer Helps Your Personal Injury Claim

  • Date: 27 Dec 2018

Bus drivers have a huge amount of responsibility when operating a bus in the state of California. While they face more challenges than the average motor vehicle driver, they also require a special license to operate a bus. This license is supposed to prove that they can safely operate a bus. Even then, accidents can happen. Additionally, because most buses don’t have seatbelts, other safety issues can arise. If you or a loved one have been involved in a bus accident and have been injured, then you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries.

What Our Bus Accident Attorney Team Can Do For You

Whether you’ve been in a bus accident while driving a vehicle or injured while riding in one, a bus accident lawyer from The Law Office of C. Ray Carlson can help. We have years of experience representing those that deserve fair compensation for their injuries and will fight to ensure that the best possible outcome for their case.

Who Can Be At-Fault for a Bus Accident in California?

A bus accident can happen because of negligence or mere carelessness. There are several parties that could contribute to this type of accident in California including

  • Bus drivers: Poorly-trained drivers or those driving while distracted can be held responsible for an accident.
  • Bus Companies: California bus companies are responsible for regularly performing vehicle maintenance and for complying with any government regulations and California laws.
  • Other Motorists: Negligent drivers that collide with a bus can also be held responsible for any injuries and/or damages as a result of this accident.

One of our bus accident attorneys can investigate your crash and determine who is at fault for your injuries and/or damages. To schedule a free legal consultation with one of our bus accident lawyers to discuss your injuries, call 661.294.0044 today.