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Get Paid for Swimming Pool Accidents Injuries in California

Swimming pool accidents or even drownings are common in California unfortunately. A swimming pool accidents attorney in California from our firm has the experience and skills in order to represent you with lawsuits concerning accidents or wrongful death.

What Are Some Common Injuries Associated with California Swimming Pool Accidents?

Near-drownings can lead to serious consequences for victims. With children, they can have severe and long-lasting neurological disabilities as brain damage can potentially occur after just four minutes of being underwater. These types of personal injury lawsuits can be complex and require the use of expert swimming pool accident attorneys in order to win. This makes hiring a highly-rated attorney that has a proven track record of success important. Slips and falls are common at the pool – wet pool decks, negligent supervision, and no warning signs are common liability issues in such cases.

Who Is Responsible for Swimming Pool Accidents?

The question of liability will depend on product liability and premise liability negligence. With premises liability, a property owner must be liable for injuries that are caused by dangerous or hazardous conditions on the property. An owner is deemed negligent if they fail to take precautions to prevent drownings. Negligence is the failure to do what someone should do to provide a safe place such as install proper equipment or keep a safe environment in and around the pool area.

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