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  • Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney to Represent Your Case

    • Date: 8 Nov 2018

    Have you lost someone because of someone else’s wrongful actions in the state of California? We handle wrongful death claims in all of Santa Clarita and Los Angeles counties. We have represented countless clients in these types of lawsuits where we work hard to recover the compensation that they deserve. Understanding Wrongful Death Wrongful death […]

  • Your Wrongful Death Attorney

    • Date: 1 Nov 2018

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 90,000 deaths occur due to medical malpractice alone, not including the variety of other causes of wrongful death. Wrongful death is any death that has been caused by someone else’s actions or negligence. If you have experienced this type of case first-hand, we offer […]

  • Why Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney Is Important

    • Date: 18 Oct 2018

    A California truck accident attorney has the skills and experience needed in order to represent truck accident victims in and around Valencia, California. During a free phone consultation, we can discuss your case and determine whether or not we can assist you with your case. We don’t get paid unless our clients do, so we always take […]

  • Get Paid for Swimming Pool Accidents Injuries in California

    • Date: 11 Oct 2018

    Swimming pool accidents or even drownings are common in California unfortunately. A swimming pool accidents attorney in California from our firm has the experience and skills in order to represent you with lawsuits concerning accidents or wrongful death. What Are Some Common Injuries Associated with California Swimming Pool Accidents? Near-drownings can lead to serious consequences […]

  • Your Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

    • Date: 4 Oct 2018

    According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, as well as the leading cause of occupational injury for people 55 years and older. Could you benefit from speaking to a slip and fall accident lawyer? About Slip and Fall Accidents If you consider the […]

  • How a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Helps Recover Damages for Accident Victims

    • Date: 27 Sep 2018

    All property owners in California have the responsibility to make sure that their property is always safe and maintained. Our law firm has years of experience in representing individuals in cases such as slip and fall as well as trip and fall accidents. A slip and fall injury is common and can lead to serious […]

  • Let a Product Liability Attorney Assist You

    • Date: 20 Sep 2018

    It is common to put trust in different manufacturers and their products. Unfortunately, too often, this trust is broken. Specifically, defective products are put on shelves and made available to consumers leading to harm, injury, and in the worst of examples, death. Even more devastating, many product liability cases can be prevented. Specifically, product liability […]

  • Why Hiring a Product Liability Attorney Is Vital to the Success of Your Case

    • Date: 13 Sep 2018

    A defective product is one that is defective in the way that it was manufactured or how it was designed. In addition to the negligence of the design, a product liability claim may fail to warn consumers of the potential harm or consequences or even have a breach of warranty. When it comes to defective […]

  • How a Premises Liability Attorney Can Help You

    • Date: 6 Sep 2018

    If you’ve been a victim of a crime on someone’s property, a dog bite, or a slip and fall; you may be eligible for a premises liability lawsuit. This area of personal injury law involves situations where you go somewhere, such as a property where someone else, such as the owner, is responsible for your […]

  • Compensation for Nursing Home Injuries in California

    • Date: 30 Aug 2018

    Has someone you know and care about been injured while they have lived at a nursing home in California? Do you suspect that an employee of the facility or a caregiver has abused your elderly loved one? If you do, you have the right to seek compensation for their medical bills and any costs associated […]