Month: April 2019

  • Hire A Truck Accident Attorney to Represent Your Case

    • Date: 18 Apr 2019

    A truck accident attorney in California has the experience, resources and skills to represent clients who have been injured in this type of accident. During a free consultation with one of our truck accident lawyers, you can discuss the details of your case to determine whether or not you have a case. At The Law Office of […]

  • How a Valencia Swimming Pool Accidents Lawyer Can Help Your Case

    • Date: 11 Apr 2019

    Every year, swimming pool accidents lead to many injuries, and in severe cases, even death. While there are pool regulations in many communities, some aren’t built to high-quality standards. Most swimming pool accidents in California can be avoided if safety was considered. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a swimming pool accident, […]

  • How a Valencia Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help You

    • Date: 4 Apr 2019

    All property owners have the responsibility to ensure that their property is always safe and maintained. Our California law firm, The Law Office of C. Ray Carlson, has many years of experience representing individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of slip and fall accidents in and around Santa Clarita. A slip and fall […]