Month: November 2018

  • Get Legal Help from a California ATV Accident Lawyer

    • Date: 22 Nov 2018

    If you love the outdoors and riding ATVs in and around Santa Clarita, California, there are many safety precautions to follow to avoid accidents. While ATV accidents do happen often, it’s important that you contact an ATV accident lawyer if you’ve been injured in one. Additionally, while ATVs don’t follow the same laws as other […]

  • How an Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

    • Date: 15 Nov 2018

    There may come a time when you’ll need the legal help of an accident attorney in Valencia, California. At The Law Office of C. Ray Carlson, we advocate for our clients and ensure that their legal rights are protected every step of the legal process. We also help our clients to understand the process ahead. […]

  • Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney to Represent Your Case

    • Date: 8 Nov 2018

    Have you lost someone because of someone else’s wrongful actions in the state of California? We handle wrongful death claims in all of Santa Clarita and Los Angeles counties. We have represented countless clients in these types of lawsuits where we work hard to recover the compensation that they deserve. Understanding Wrongful Death Wrongful death […]

  • Your Wrongful Death Attorney

    • Date: 1 Nov 2018

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 90,000 deaths occur due to medical malpractice alone, not including the variety of other causes of wrongful death. Wrongful death is any death that has been caused by someone else’s actions or negligence. If you have experienced this type of case first-hand, we offer […]