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Posts tagged "personal injury"

VIDEO: C. Ray Carlson wants you to leave his office happy

A plaintiff in a personal injury case must establish that the defendant's actions deviated from the reasonable standard of care. Yet when spinal cord or other catastrophic injuries are involved, there are several additional considerations.

Video: An attorney can be a vital part of recovery after an accident

In the aftermath of any accident, injured victims can feel scared, lost and confused about what they should do. Rather than give up hope in these situations, understand that there are experienced attorneys who can help.

What to do after an injury due to a small plane crash

Many people mistakenly believe that chartered planes and smaller flights are safer than large commercial airplanes. Smaller planes are just as prone to accidents. They account for a substantial number of aviation deaths and crashes overall. Larger plane and jet crashes often have more dramatic stories and higher overall death counts due to the number of passengers. Because of that, large commercial plane crashes tend to receive more media attention than smaller plane crashes, where only a few people were injured or killed.

Snapchat blamed for high-speed driving deaths

As technology advances, it continues to find new ways to distract us behind the wheel. The use of the photo messaging app Snapchat, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times, was recently blamed as the reason for the deaths of two young adults in Florida following a high-speed car crash, according to CBS News.

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