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A concussion can have a long-term impact on your health

You never want to suffer any type of injury, but this is particularly true when it comes to your head and brain. A concussion, for example, can have a negative impact on your health in both the short and long term.

There are many causes of a concussion, such as being part of a motor vehicle accident. If you have any reason to believe that you're dealing with a head injury, it's important to receive immediate medical attention. Remember this: Even the most serious brain injuries don't always present symptoms right away.

A concussion can have a long-term impact on your health, in the following ways:

  • Thinking, such as memory loss
  • Sensation, including balance and sight
  • Emotion, leading to depression, anxiety, aggression and personality changes
  • Language, such as issues with understanding and communication

Also, a concussion has the potential to increase the risk for serious medical conditions including but not limited to Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and a variety of other brain disorders.

Despite the fact that a concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury, there is no denying the short- and long-term impact it can have on both your mental and physical health.

If you were diagnosed with a concussion, it's imperative to follow the advice of your medical team. This can mean many things, such as getting enough rest, avoiding television and computer screens for an extended period of time, and taking time away from work.

As you recover from a concussion, it's not out of the question to realize that additional symptoms have come to light. These should be dealt with in the appropriate manner, as ignoring them could make things worse in the long run.

The impact of a concussion on your health is very real, so don't ignore any symptoms. As you receive treatment, turn your attention to the cause of your injury. You may find that another person was responsible, such as a negligent driver, which puts you in position to seek compensation for your injuries and any other damages.

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