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Tips for keeping kids safe at the bus stop

Every day of the school year, millions of children head to their local bus stop during the morning hours. While this sounds innocent enough, parents need to remember one thing: Bus stops are not nearly as safe as they always appear.

The American School Bus Council shares a variety of tips for keeping children safe at the bus stop:

  • If possible, walk your child both to and from the stop.
  • Teach your child to be alert at all times, such as by checking both ways before crossing the road.
  • Wait for the bus driver to signal before crossing the street or approaching the bus.
  • Never walk behind the bus to cross the street.
  • When waiting for the bus to arrive, keep a safe distance from the road.
  • Never get too close to a bus, such as by reaching underneath it to retrieve an item.
  • Get to know the bus driver so you can discuss any safety concerns with him or her as they arise.

A school bus stop should be a safe place, but this is not always the case. There are times when accidents happen, often resulting in serious injury or the death of one or more student.

As a parent, you should do whatever you can to protect your child while he or she is waiting at the bus stop. The same holds true as your child makes his or her way to and from the stop.

If an accident happens, such as a child being struck by a vehicle, it's important to immediately call 911. This will ensure that an ambulance and police arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.

While you will have a lot on your mind if your child is injured in a bus stop accident, don't hesitate to learn more about the cause and your legal rights. It's important to take the right steps both to protect yourself, and to also help prevent future accidents.

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