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Been in a car accident? You might be losing a lot of money!

After a car crash, one of the things that you can do is to seek compensation for the damages. This isn't always only for the amount that you had to pay for medical bills. Another factor that you can include is compensation for lost wages.

Figuring out the wages that you lost because of the accident isn't always easy. You have to think about several points before you come to the total you will include in your claim. Here are some points to think about:

Use paycheck stubs or tax returns to determine your wages

You have to figure out what the wage is that you need to be compensated for. This is easy if you are an hourly employee because you already know your base pay. For people who are on salary or who are self-employed, this isn't always easy. You will have to check either paycheck stubs or tax returns to find out this information. You will likely have to do a bit of math to determine your hourly wage.

Factor in how many hours you missed

You have to figure out how much time you've missed from work because of the car crash injuries. This might be easy if you have been completely unable to work since you can just check your normal schedule or the number of hours you would normally work. If you have returned to work already but still have to take time off for medical appointments related to the accident, be sure to include time off for doctor visits, therapy sessions and other appointments. Self employed individuals might also have to consider the clients that they missed out on securing while they were taking time off work.

Include compensation for missed benefits

While you likely won't be able to get compensation for every benefit that you missed during your time off, you might be able to receive compensation for some of them. Paid time off that you had to use or should have earned might be compensable. If you had to come out of pocket for insurance premiums, you might be able to add those in.

Ultimately, it is best to overthink what you missed because of the accident. When you take the time to think carefully about the full financial impact of the crash, you are more likely to remember all of the ways that you were affected. This gives you a good starting point for what you can claim when you seek compensation.

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