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Don't talk with your insurance company after an accident

Most people believe that their insurance companies are there to look out for them. That's not exactly true. Insurance companies are typically for-profit organizations that are looking to minimize their expenses when you file a claim. If you've recently been in a motor vehicle accident, you want to inform your insurance provider as soon as possible by filing a claim. However, you should avoid providing a formal statement or any specific information about the accident without the help of an attorney.

An attorney can help you determine the best way to proceed after a serious motor vehicle accident. Many times, insurance companies will push you to give a recorded statement. Unfortunately, they may also ask you leading questions in the hopes of making you look guilty. They may also try to get you to downplay the severity of your injuries to limit their liability to cover your medical expenses in the future. Your attorney can help you avoid giving a statement that could reduce or eliminate your insurance coverage. An attorney can offer many benefits after a serious car accident.

Insurance companies are in it for profit

When you sign up for motor vehicle insurance, you assume your insurer will help you in the event of a serious accident. However, insurance is a profit-driven industry. Companies have seen a decreasing profit margin in recent years, thanks to a stronger overall economy and more drivers on the road. More people with cars and policies may sound like a recipe for more profits, but it's actually a recipe for more accidents. More accidents mean more claims, and insurance companies try to pass those expenses on to their consumers. Sometimes, it's a higher policy rate. Other times, it's denial of promised benefits.

Your insurance company will take whatever steps it needs to to reduce its liability and losses when you have an accident. They simply aren't looking out for your. They're worried about their profit margin. That's why it is so important to work with an attorney who understands not just insurance law, but also how insurance companies work. You need an advocate who will ensure you receive the coverage you've paid for throughout the life of your policy. Without the help of an attorney, your insurance company could deny or severely limit your coverage after a serious motor vehicle accident.

Legal team in your corner

Legal guidance is key at every step of the process after an accident. An attorney can review a proposed settlement to ensure it is fair, given the extent of your injuries. He or she can also negotiate with an insurance company or file a civil lawsuit if the company doesn't adhere to the requirements of the policy you purchased. Don't try to take on your insurance company alone. An attorney can help you fight for a better outcome after a serious accident.

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