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What to do after an injury due to a small plane crash

Many people mistakenly believe that chartered planes and smaller flights are safer than large commercial airplanes. Smaller planes are just as prone to accidents. They account for a substantial number of aviation deaths and crashes overall. Larger plane and jet crashes often have more dramatic stories and higher overall death counts due to the number of passengers. Because of that, large commercial plane crashes tend to receive more media attention than smaller plane crashes, where only a few people were injured or killed.

However, many people are injured and killed each year on private and chartered flights. If you or a loved one has been injured while traveling as a passenger on a small plane, you shouldn't rely on insurance companies to do the right thing. An attorney can make a big difference to the outcome of your unfortunate situation.

Most small plane flights are uneventful

Like their larger, commercial cousins, small planes overall have strong safety records and are used for a variety of reasons. People fly in small planes for a number of reasons. They may need to reach a rural or isolated area where the airport can't accommodate a larger commercial jet. They may be headed somewhere that doesn't have the population to support commercial air travel. They may be traveling with pets that can't go on jets, or for a family or business emergency. Whatever the reason for traveling, most passengers on small planes arrive safely. When they don't, however, outside aid may be required.

Small planes can cause massive financial losses

Someone involved in a small plane crash will likely incur substantial medical bills as a result of the accident. From immediate trauma care to physical therapy during recuperation, the expenses can add up quickly. Compound that with the loss of wages due to the injury, and a small plane crash can spell financial disaster for an individual or a family. Health insurance may delay payment while waiting for liability insurance from the plane's pilot or charter company to cover the costs. This can leave you with a number of unpaid bills and even result in damage to your credit score if it isn't handled quickly.

An attorney can help with insurance after a crash

If you or your loved one were injured in a small plane crash, chances are that the insurance carrier for the pilot or charter company will offer you a settlement. Sadly, these companies will often make insultingly low initial offers. Some people accept them, making the practice worthwhile. However, if the insurance carrier if offering a low amount, speaking with an attorney is the best way to proceed. An initial consultation is always free, but their advice could be invaluable. They can negotiate on your behalf for a better settlement amount that will actually cover medical expenses and lost wages.

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