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I was in a car accident. Do I have a personal injury claim?

After a car accident, especially one that results in an injury to you, one of the first questions that victims ask is, "Who is at fault?" Determining fault and liability is not always easy, but it is a crucial part of building a case for a personal injury suit to address your medical costs and any other expenses or losses you suffer because of the accident.

If you recently suffered injuries in a car accident, and believe that the other driver is responsible, then you may have grounds to build a personal injury lawsuit. However, this is not a simple matter, and may take a very long time to reach a conclusion. You may see the matter resolved in a matter of weeks if everything goes as smoothly as possible, but it is more like a matter of months, or even more than a year, until you reach a settlement and actually receive an award.

Symptoms of a severe traumatic brain injury

It's never something you want to think about, but there could come a time when you are injured in a motor vehicle accident.

There are many things you can do to avoid trouble on the road. There are just as many things you can do inside your vehicle to prevent serious injury in the event of a crash.

The deadly combination of semitrucks and fatigue

Driving around on the freeways is often a test in safety concepts and patience. This is even more obvious when there are large trucks on the road with you. In these cases, you probably feel like your vehicle is dwarfed by the large trucks.

There is one significant issue that occurs when truckers are driving -- fatigue. This can happen even in the middle of the day, so everyone involved in an accident with a semitruck should make sure that they determine if fatigue was a contributing factor.

What are the first steps of making a personal injury claim?

There is nothing worse than the thought of suffering an injury in an accident, such as a car crash.

Even though you do your best to avoid trouble at all costs, you never know when someone could make a foolish decision that puts you in a compromising position.

Tips for keeping kids safe at the bus stop

Every day of the school year, millions of children head to their local bus stop during the morning hours. While this sounds innocent enough, parents need to remember one thing: Bus stops are not nearly as safe as they always appear.

The American School Bus Council shares a variety of tips for keeping children safe at the bus stop:

  • If possible, walk your child both to and from the stop.
  • Teach your child to be alert at all times, such as by checking both ways before crossing the road.
  • Wait for the bus driver to signal before crossing the street or approaching the bus.
  • Never walk behind the bus to cross the street.
  • When waiting for the bus to arrive, keep a safe distance from the road.
  • Never get too close to a bus, such as by reaching underneath it to retrieve an item.
  • Get to know the bus driver so you can discuss any safety concerns with him or her as they arise.

Be sure to avoid these car insurance claim mistakes

Being a part of a car accident can change your life forever, especially if you suffer a serious injury.

When making a car insurance claim, there are things that you should and should not do. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake that could harm your ability to receive the compensation you deserve.

Every type of distracted driving is dangerous

As one of our California readers, you know that there is no avoiding traffic on the road. It doesn't matter where you are traveling or the time of the day, you should expect to share the road with many types of vehicles.

Although you may do your best to avoid trouble on the road, such as by always paying attention to the road ahead, some drivers don't feel that this is necessary. These are the people who often drive when they are distracted.

Do I have a valid personal injury case?

Many victims of car accidents assume that they have an airtight personal injury case, but the reality of the matter is that these things are complicated and rarely boil down to simple "yes" or "no" solutions.

If you recently suffered an injury in a car accident, it is possible that you have a reasonable personal injury claim. However, a number of factors go into determining the validity and value of such a claim.

When your wife gets injured, you get injured, too

When your spouse gets injured in a car accident, you will suffer emotionally, out of sympathy and compassion for what your spouse is dealing with. You’ll also be doing a lot of work to make sure your spouse’s needs are met. But what about your injuries?

Yes, when your spouse gets injured, you may suffer injuries and losses, too. For one, you might not be able to enjoy life to the same degree. What if you and your wife enjoyed going dancing every Wednesday evening? Maybe every Saturday morning you went for long romantic walks on the beach. You treasured your sexual relationship and the constant marital companionship and support your wife provided, as well.

Been in a car accident? You might be losing a lot of money!

After a car crash, one of the things that you can do is to seek compensation for the damages. This isn't always only for the amount that you had to pay for medical bills. Another factor that you can include is compensation for lost wages.

Figuring out the wages that you lost because of the accident isn't always easy. You have to think about several points before you come to the total you will include in your claim. Here are some points to think about:

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