Real Help For Those Injured In ATV And Off-Road Accidents

If you or a loved one has been in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident or any other type of off-road accident, it is important to enlist an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases. These cases are not the same as car accidents or other motor vehicle accidents. They cannot be approached in the same way. For one thing, the majority of these accidents are single-vehicle accidents. The first challenge is often determining who to take action against. Our attorneys know how to overcome this and all other challenges associated with these accident cases.

Experience Matters In Challenging Claims

Our lawyers handle accident claims involving all types of ATVs and off-road vehicles, including:

  • Yamaha Rhino all-terrain vehicles
  • Dune buggies
  • Dirt bikes

Our decades of experience enable us to quickly determine who to take action against in these unique cases. Perhaps the lawsuit must be filed against the manufacturer because of a defect in the vehicle. Perhaps the lawsuit needs to be filed against a homeowner for negligent supervision of children on these vehicles. Perhaps the lawsuit needs to be filed against the driver who caused injury to the passenger. As long as there are options, we will find them. We aggressively fight to get results.

Our record of results includes a case in which we recovered nearly $2 million for a young girl who suffered a broken jaw and other injuries in an ATV accident. Our record is proof of our ability to get results in ATV cases.

Making The Most Of Your Right To Compensation

At C. Ray Carlson Law Office, in Valencia, our firm has achieved positive results for the victims of ATV and off-road accidents. These cases can require very particular knowledge and skills to successfully execute. We have that experience. We know how devastating the injuries from these types of accidents can be. Given the almost nonexistent protection an ATV or other off-road vehicle offers, the injuries can be catastrophic. We understand that and can secure all appropriate compensation.

We offer services in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Tagalog.

Off-Road Accident Attorneys Serving Santa Clarita, Los Angeles And Throughout Southern California

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